10 things you need to know about LED lighting


We get a lot of questions about LED lighting, hopefully this listicle will answer some of the typical questions we are asked. If not you know where to come!

1. LEDs are much more efficient than incandescent light bulbs, typically using less than a fifth of the energy, similar to compact fluorescent (traditional low energy bulbs).

2. LEDs are available in various colour temperatures. Beware of cheap ones with a distinct blue tinge. You will most likely be looking for 3000K for home use, or 4000K for offices.

3. LEDs don’t contain mercury like fluorescents. However they do contain rare earths, in smaller quantities though. 

4. LEDs have a typical lifespan of 50 000 hours. This compares to 1000 hours for a GLS lamp (standard light bulb) or 12000 hours for fluorescent. Essentially this means the LED light fittings are considered to be maintenance free, with a lifespan of 15 years plus.

5. Light fittings designed for LED are often more efficient than fluorescent as they make use of a greater proportion of the light emitted.

6. There are (probably) no lighting applications that can’t use LEDs. From pathfinding lights in planes and cinemas to floodlighting for stadia.

7. There’s more LED lighting around than you’d imagine. Shell filling stations for example are being refurbished across the UK and fitted with LED lighting inside and out.

8. Beware! Retrofit LEDs are not all created equal. You tend to get what you pay for.

9. LEDs still generate heat. Even though they run cool it’s important to dissipate what heat they do generate. Junction temperature is the biggest influence on life.

10. And finally AMMAlux has a great deal of LED expertise! We’re happy to advise on anything to do with lighting and of course we have a large range of LED based products.

If you've got any questions you think we can help you with, please feel free to comment below. Otherwise take a look at the LED products on our website www.ammalux.com.


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