PPR launch CED Plan under We Love SE25 slogan


08-Mar-2017 15:40


Working together to develop a fresh new SE25.

An exciting community action plan is on the road and we are at the start of a fantastic journey for mapping out how to grow the SE25 economy. If you have a passion for this neighbourhood then we want YOU to get involved.

We begin by identifying and specifying WHAT, WILL and SHOULD be done in SE25.  

WHO will do it and HOW should it be done? Well, we need you to tell us! How can the community support local businesses and what businesses do the community need to create a thriving ecosystem?

In other words, our action plan will describe what the local community and businesses wants to accomplish and how we can make SE25 an even greater place to live, socialise, shop and eat again.                        

In order to gather contributions from the people that live and work here in SE25 we will be carrying out a series of events at our very own ‘Stanley Halls (South Norwood). These events will involve community brainstorming activities, micro talks on how to run a business and information on the support that is out there to succeed. It will also be a chance to meet and speak to local business owners and community leaders. One of the discussion points will be around the creation of a community hub, a venue to act as a centre point for these activities, what should it do and how should it work?

The results of these meetings will be used to create a Community Economic Development (CED) plan. Your input shall become a framework for implementing the SE25 regeneration plan, and activities that are decided by the community itself is what we want to deliver. This plan is required during a specified timeline so now is the time to take action and have your say. We would ask local entrepreneurs, business owners, artists, musicians, lovers, residents and general busy bodies to come and join us in order for this CED plan to be a great success.

If you love SE25 and want to nurture its growth, then come and contribute your ideas and positive energy.

5 improvements you need to know about in SE25:

In the last year several new and interesting shops have opened up on the High Street, Portland Road and Station Road. Amongst others this include places selling coffee, music, fashion, furniture, hairdressing, cakes and flowers. There are also 3 exciting pop ups and 2 already well loved pubs in the Shelverdine Goathouse and the Portland Arms.

We have our very own Clock Tower Market, running regularly for the community by the community and hosting stalls for butchers, florists, bakers, brewers, baristas, and cake makers to name but a few.

Starting soon is the public realm project to transform Market Parade and bring a market square to Station Road. The revitalised form will include new pavements, trees, seating and public art.

2016 saw the new Christmas lights go up along the High Street and Portland Road. They transformed the area on those dark winter nights and brought with them much festive cheer.

Stanley Halls is one of many fantastic community run initiatives in SE25. It is now fully opened and our own cultural centre providing theatre, film, music, talks, classes, festivals and youth projects. It also contains several businesses and belongs to us the community.

For more information please visit the web site.

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