Getting to Know Rhianna Grazier


Getting to Know Rhianna Grazier
25-Oct-2016 11:54

For the latest ‘Getting to Know’, I interviewed another young person, who just happens to be doing great work with young people as part of NCS.


Names: Rhianna Grazier

Age: 25

Live in: “Just over the border [of Croydon] – in Streatham!”

Occupation: NCS (National Citizen Service) Senior Assistant Programme Manager, so I set up and deliver the NCS Programme in Croydon


Q: How long have you worked with NCS?

A: Just over 2 years.


Q: How would you describe NCS The Challenge?

A: NCS is a fantastic youth and community project that aims to strengthen local communities by creating a more socially mixed society.


Q: What do you think makes NCS The Challenge special?

A: The fact that NCS so effortlessly brings people together from different backgrounds, which breaks down social barriers or preconceived prejudice. 


Q: What is your favourite thing about Croydon?

A: How diverse and multi-cultural it is - I think it makes it really beautiful and interesting when everyone is so wonderfully different.  


Q: What do you think could be improved about Croydon?

A: Unfortunately there is a lot of gang and knife crime, and it upsets me that some young people we work with don't feel safe in their own community. 


Q: What is Croydon’s best kept secret?

A: Croydon Saffron Central - on the old Croydon Council site there is a community garden growing saffron surrounded by ever-changing graffiti. 


Q: What is your favourite place to eat in Croydon?

A: Roti Master on George Walk.  If you haven't gone before, you need to try their vegetable roti immediately! 


Q: What events in Croydon would you recommend?

A: Any event run by Club Soda is always fun - especially when Matthew's Yard host it.


Q: Describe Croydon in 3 words.

A: Diverse, trendy, vibrant.


Q: Who would you recommend for a Just Croydon interview? A: Oliver Tipper - Club Soda/Museum of Croydon

Elaine Powell – TedXYouthCroydon

Evelyn Findlater - Good Food Matters

Tracey Rabbetts - Croydon Radio

Fiona Spargo-Mabbs - Daniel Spargo-Mabbs Foundation

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