SLiDE (South London Inclusive Dance Experience) / Insert Title Here


27-Jan-2020 18:03

You are invited to spend an evening with SLiDE, to watch, eat and dance with us, as we celebrate dance and diversity. The first part of the evening is a performance of Insert title here, a beautiful and poignant work where the performers portray the ebb and flow of togetherness. They deal with the balance between success and failure, breaking and repairing whilst seeking a thread to make sense of it all. Will they find common ground and a place of unity? During the performance audience members are guided through the process of naming the work and are invited to respond to what they see and how they feel. You will also have the chance to meet the SLiDE creative team and enjoy some food in the gallery of Stanley Halls. After the performance, we invite you to join us to dance together in a very special ceilidh hosted by Folk Dance Remixed, a ground-breaking company fusing folk and hip hop styles. South London Inclusive Dance Experience (SLiDE) is a leading Croydon based inclusive dance company, creating opportunities for people to encounter dance. Their work seeks to increase participation through dance projects and performances, reaching diverse communities and people.Reasonably priced food will be available on the night provided by local company Perfect Taste.

Tickets £12/£8 (performance), £5/£3 ceilidh, £15/£10 performance and ceilidh

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