Richard DeDomenici & Jess Mabel Jones / Croytopia


27-Jan-2020 17:33

 (2018), Richard and Jess return to Croydonites with CROYTOPIA - a new video project set to ReduxAmerican Assassin: Following the success of change the world - but they need your help!CROYTOPIA is a new kind of video repository for the collection, dissemination and analysis of site-specific community-generated ephemeral social history.CROYTOPIA is a proof-of-concept for a unique and self-sustaining resource for measuring the effects and influences of the built environment on the communities that inhabit it.Participants are invited to recount on camera important and interesting personal facts and memories, triggered by specific locations in Croydon.These short videos will be uploaded to an online map, and as the number of contributions increases, previously unseen patterns will hopefully begin to emerge, which could influence future local decision making and improvements to the public realm.CROYTOPIA has the potential to rebalance power in the favour of those whose voices may be overlooked, and if successful could be scaled to benefit communities around the world!

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