LEAN ON PETE (15) - 2017 UK 121 min


LEAN ON PETE (15) - 2017 UK 121 min

Director: Andrew Haigh • Starring: Charlie Plummer, Steve Buscemi and Chloë Sevigny.

A teenage boy (Plummer) gets casual work in a circuit of downmarket racetracks helping a trainer (Buscemi) and his part-time jockey (Sevigny). When a horse named Lean on Pete has lost once too often, boy and beast head off together, across the beautiful Oregon and Wyoming back country – desert, mountains and sage-brush, studded with small towns, truck stops, and isolated ranches. Haigh (45 Years) is “a truly great writer and director, working near the top of his game” (rogerebert.com).

With two showings at 2.30pm* and 7.30pm. 

*(Please note that the 2.30pm showing will be subtitled for those with hearing loss). 

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