A QUIET PLACE (15) - 2018 USA 90 min - partially subtitled


A QUIET PLACE (15) - 2018 USA 90 min - partially subtitled

Director: John Krasinski  • Starring: Emily Blunt, John Krasinski and Millicent Simmonds.

A young family tiptoe around an abandoned drugstore, taking essential supplies for their self-sufficient life style. A newspaper headline declares: “It’s SOUND”. As they head back to the country, the smallest child sets off a noisy toy and is pounced upon by something terrible… This unique, highly suspenseful film captures the fear of a family who seem to be amongst the last remnants of human civilisation, whilst also displaying their ingenuity and togetherness… A horror movie masterpiece – just don’t bring popcorn with you…’.

Plus a BRIT School Showcase film, screened in partnership with the School’s Film & Media Production department. For this film we are showing Tom Horton (U) (4.15 min), directed by Lucas Aliaga-Hurt & Victoria Man. A portrait of a marine biologist based in Penzance.

With one showing at 7.30pm ONLY. 

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