HAPPY END (15) - 2017 Fra/Austria/Ger 107 min - partially subtitled


HAPPY END (15) - 2017 Fra/Austria/Ger 107 min - partially subtitled

Director: Michael Haneke  ● Starring: Isabelle Huppert, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Mathieu Kassovitz, Toby Jones.

Haneke’s latest film follows three generations of a bourgeois family living in Calais, who are self-absorbed and in many respects alienated from each other and the world in general. The young spend their time looking at their computer screens (and those of their parents), the middle-aged search myopically for sexual and financial satisfaction, and the old look for an easy death

Haneke uses phone screens, security screens and soundless sequences to highlight this alienation, along with moments of dark humour, delivered by a formidable ensemble cast.

Plus a BRIT School Showcase film, screened in partnership with the School’s Film & Media Production department. For this film we are showing Turnips (U) (4.53 mins), directed by Clint Frift. A Borough Market stall holder discusses how the market has changed over the years. 

With one screening at 7.30pm ONLY. 

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