MENASHE (U) - 2017 USA 82 min - subtitled


MENASHE (U) - 2017 USA 82 min - subtitled

Director: Joshua Z Weinstein ● Starring: Menashe Lustig, Yoel Falkowitz, Ruben Niborski.

In Brooklyn’s Borough Park, the tight-knit orthodox Jewish community live amongst but quite separately from the wider world. Widower Menashe – finely played by newcomer Lustig – has little desire to remarry and wants to raise his ten-year-old son alone, who Hasidic strictures insist should be raised by a woman. Amiable but accident-prone, Menashe is granted an opportunity to prove his worth as a parent…

This naturalistic portrayal of an often unnoticed community is fascinating and respectful yet amusing. Recalling that Yiddish-language cinema was far more commonplace before WWII, Menashe is screened in association with Holocaust Memorial Day.

Plus a BRIT School Showcase film, screened in partnership with the School’s Film & Media Production department. For this film we are showing Turnips (U) (4.53 mins), directed by Clint Frift. A Borough Market stall holder discusses how the market has changed over the years. 

With one Screening at 7.30pm ONLY. 

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