Father of Lies


Father of Lies
16-Nov-2016 13:05

"Making a Murderer" meets "The Exorcist"!

Bête Noire Productions return to Theatre Utopia with the premiere of their latest show, Father of Lies, which tells the terrifying true story behind a mysterious murder in Würzburg, West Germany in 1973. It is a thrilling horror show about belief, grief, ghosts and betrayal. Using photographs, confessions, police reports and re-enactments of real events, we bring you this sinister, twisting tale of haunted priests, jealous widowers and lost children.

Reviews for Boys & Girls, which we performed at Theatre Utopia earlier this year:

* * * * * This is a very bold, very enlightening piece of theatre, and I loved itLondon Theatre 1

* * * * * Sublimely subtle… not just something for everyone, but everything for anyoneRemote Goat

* * * * Delightful to watch and entertaining right through to the last minuteEverything Theatre

Genuinely ingeniousA Younger Theatre

Thursday 8th December - 19:30

Friday 9th December - 20:30

Saturday 10th December - 19:30

£10 / £8

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