The best courses for offering home services such as cleaning, gardening, moving, handy chores, and so on can be studied at Fantastic Academy. They were designed by a group of in-field professionals with the goal of raising the industry's degree of professionalism. Our courses make this possible since they feature up-to-date knowledge on procedures, equipment, and standards, among other things. That distinguishes not only our courses but also the people who take them.There are two packages available: Silver Package and Gold Package. Silver Training is referred to as "Basic Training" for gardeners, cleaners, and movers, among other occupations. It comprises technical expertise such as how to offer the service, prevent damage, and deal with consumers, among other things. When it comes to developing or improving services, that training is appropriate for both individuals and businesses.

Silver Training and Business Package Modules are combined to form Gold Training. This program is also appropriate for a wide range of delegates. The distinction between these two is understandable. By purchasing the Gold Package, you gain access to a variety of business opportunities, such as starting a business or investing in a franchise. Everything you need to know to be successful will be taught to you. In addition, if you are ready to start a business, we can provide you with professional software that will make administering your business much easier.

Visit our website and read more about us, our courses and their prices. Call us on 07480 048 820.


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