24-Jun-2022 06:51

Some were born in and have had great privileges. It has helped them in life.

But what do you do when life seems to conspire against you from a very young age.

That was the life of many off the people coming to Prison to Praise.

Some of them were close to commiting suicide but were rescued, and that was the start of freedom from many other habits and prisons inside.Today, they are celebrating and enjoying a life beyond his expectation. One has even written a book about it.

At Prison to Praise, you will hear stories of many people in an atmosphered of great worship music.

These people were considered hopeless, but through the power of God have been freed from lives of crimes, from additions and very bad habits.

Some of these people used to lead gangs, some were addicted to drugs, gambling, violence. There were others who were in depression, etc.The atmosphere at Prison to Praise is electric, full of hope, joy, praise, celebration and gratitude to God.

It will encourage you, and also, challenge you.

It will challenge to break out of limitations. It will move your paradigm to want to help someone.

So, before you give up, on yourself or someone you know, come!




Artists / Speakers: Byron Jones, Jennier Shields, Tony Maisey, Tim Hudson, Grace Assembly Worship Team, Several Others

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