Lady to Lady


07-Feb-2020 21:22

Christ’s Liberty Church is a diverse Church with a vision.  We want to bring the reality of our Lord Jesus Christ to the communities in and around Croydon.  

We believe in people.  We believe that every person is important, unique and has something to offer.  We believe that by supporting our community to develop, by helping one another, we can positively transform the lives of everyone.

The Lady-to-Lady Conference has been running for ten years.  It began in Croydon before moving to stage successful events in the Excel Centre in Docklands.  With Fairfield Halls having now been redeveloped, Lady-to-Lady is back in Croydon to impact our home community!  

The Lady-to-Lady Conference has given many ladies the audacity to dream again and the confidence to boldly rise-up to their calling, realise their destiny and fulfil their God-given assignment here on earth.  

The atmosphere and the women you will meet on 21st March will inspire you, encourage you and fine tune your focus on the things that truly matter in your life, your God given purpose.  

Our Pastor, Pastor Nelson, declared that 2020 is the year of Open Doors.  Now is the time for new beginnings. Write down on paper whatever you desire for your life in 2020 and bring it with you to Lady-to-Lady.  During Lady-to-Lady, when you pray over them and believe you have them, you will find the doors for you to receive them will open. There will be singing and dancing to the Lord and motivational speeches by music ministers, our pastor and other ladies from our Church.  Listen to the words being spoken and you will find the doors to your desires will also be open.  

It is free to attend but you will leave with the riches of the Lord.  We look forward to meeting you from 10am on 21st March in The Concert Hall at Fairfield Halls  Please register to attend on 0203 9839394, God Bless You.

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