Mindful Way Through Stress


Mindful Way Through Stress
01-Feb-2018 13:40

The Mindful Way Through Stress

every Tuesday for 4 weeks 13th Feb - 6 March 2018 7pm – 9pm Arrive anytime from 6.30pm

This well- established programme is designed to help you learn new ways of handling stress which you can integrate into your daily life.

The key skill you will learn is mindfulness – actively and non-judgmentally paying attention to your experience in different contexts as you go about your everyday life. This will enable you to see things differently and to let go of unhelpful responses to situations you would normally find stressful.

The course consists of 4 weekly sessions lasting two hours. Home practice is an important part of the course, and you will need to set aside 40 minutes a day between classes. Audio and written materials are provided to support your practice. When booking, please pay in full and complete the registration form on our events page http://www.buddhistcentrecroydon.org/coming-events/4594080061. Please email the registration form to sarah@workingspace.org.uk

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