Dunkirk (2017, UK/Neth/Fr/USA, 106 mins, 12A) plus short


Dunkirk (2017, UK/Neth/Fr/USA, 106 mins, 12A) plus short

Director: Christopher Nolan ● Starring: Fionn Whitehead, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy and Kenneth Branagh. 

In May 1940 German forces rapidly advanced deep into northern France, trapping Allied troops on the beaches of Dunkirk. 

An heroic evacuation mission, using every serviceable naval and civilian vessel that could be found, was mounted to rescue 330,000 French, British, Belgian and Dutch soldiers.

This meticulous yet thrilling recreation by Nolan (Memento, Inception, Interstellar and the Dark Knight trilogy) puts a group of soldiers awaiting evacuation in the centre of a vast canvas, with a striking blend of youth and experience amongst his all-British cast.

Plus BRIT School Showcase film London.wav (2016, 3 mins), directed by Samuel Marino.  This montage of London images, precisely synchronised to music, launches a new partnership involving the School’s Film & Media Production department.

A different film will be shown at selected screenings each month.

With two showings at 2.30pm* and 7.30pm.

*(Please note that the 2.30pm screening will be subtitled for those with hearing loss.) 

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